Patagonia x Dogfish Head Kernza Pils

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What’s better than a cold, crisp beer enjoyed in the majesty of the great outdoors? Go ahead and think on it, we’ll wait. Ahh yes that’s right: Nothing at all, save perhaps sharing one of those cold brewskis with a friend after a long day out on the trails.

That’s why it seems so natural, so right, that outdoor gear giant Patagonia would team up with the legendary micro brewers at Dogfish Head to create a perfect beer for drinking on your next hiking trip. But the new Kernza Pils goes far beyond just tasting great after working up a sweat: It’s the first in a line of beers designed to reverse the harmful effects of climate change by capturing atmospheric carbon via a unique perennial grain known as Kernza.

So rather than being a product of industrial agriculture, tirelessly drawing on the Earth’s resources to give us a little buzz, the crisp and refreshing Patagonia x Dogfish Head Kernza Pils can play a role in making sure that we continue drinking beer in the wild beyonds well into humanity’s future.

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