Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept

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In the automotive world, there is a future for both drivers and passengers. The Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept is making waves for its external styling alone. This concept from Cadillac looks great. However, the real appeal of this concept car is the luxurious experience it promises for autonomous driving. 

From increasing the amount of personal time you have to giving you the latest in mobile connectivity, the InnerSpace Autonomous Concept seeks to enhance the passenger experience. This two-passenger, fully electric autonomous concept is part of the growing Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio.

Once inside the Cadillac InnerSpace, look up and around you for breathtaking panoramic views while enjoying the luxurious comfort only a Caddy can provide. The seats actually position themselves when the doors open, making entry and exit as easy as possible. 

Cadillac is even changing the tire formula. They are using new Goodyear tires specifically developed for electric vehicles using SoundComfort technology. On top of that, the tires are made from soybean oil and rice husk-based silica instead of petroleum. 

Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept

The focus behind the InnerSpace is really on how to enhance your time and experience as a passenger. You will no longer be driving, so how you spend your time inside the vehicle is pushing more innovation from General Motors. From AI-driven biometrics to Augmented Reality Engagement, Cadillac is leaving no stone unturned. 

They are even offering different themes for your time as a passenger inside the InnerSpace. This includes both an Entertainment and a Wellness Recovery theme to choose from. 

There was a time when arriving in a Cadillac meant big fins and extravagant chrome while always riding like a dream. The future of arriving in a Cadillac looks just as stylish and comfortable, while becoming both electric and autonomous. 

Who knows if the Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous Concept will ever make it to production. That’s just the way it goes with concept cars sometimes. 

Some people see this car and want to actually drive it, after all, it does sit low like a sports car. Getting used to not driving could take a while but it seems to be where some in the industry are going. You could just use your passenger time to play more Gran Turismo 7 if you really get the itch to drive.

No matter what, the InnerSpace provides a glimpse into the future of mobility. What will they think of next? Only time will tell.

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