Vagabund Porsche 944 Safari Kit

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The Porsche 944 is a special car, very underrated in the Porsche community. Sure, it will never be the 911, but the 944 can certainly hold its own. The Vagabund Porsche 944 Safari Kit takes it to the next level. Fearless in the face of any surface, the Safari 944 is ready to go wherever you dare.

In fact, Vagabund says this 944 can go on any road or surface, in any season. It certainly looks like it can. You can see the lifted suspension and all-terrain tires upon first glance, those meats aren’t just for looks. In the end, Vagabund gave this 944 a 40 mm lift. That’s a lot for a sports car.

Vagabund Porsche 944 Safari Kit

Other modifications include new spring plates and a full axle conversion which required custom parts. There are also new rear shocks. Vagabund even realizes the importance of a spare tire when exploring. You just never know. That’s why they include five 205/70/15 off-road tires with the Safari package.

The package also includes powder coating your rims. You can choose between black or gold wheels. Vagabund also knows visibility is important. That’s why they provide a full Rallye light setup in front. Choose between the Hella Rallye 1000 lights or the Comet 500 setup. 

Vagabund Porsche 944 Safari Kit

That’s not all, Vagabund also includes a custom roof rack and mud flaps with the 944 Safari package. There is also a complete UV-resistant Safari livery included with the package. For the finishing touch, there is a NINE ELEVEN Outlaw X Shark Motorsports custom short shifter as well. 

If you have ever wanted to reenact scenes from the Dukes of Hazzard in a Porsche 944, the Safari kit should help. Of course, the Vagabund Porsche 944 Safari Kit really does make it look like it belongs in rally racing. This Porsche is never afraid of getting a little dirty.

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