Lexus BEV Sport Concept

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Lexus may have just struck gold with their latest concept. The Lexus BEV Sport Concept looks amazing from an automotive styling perspective. This kind of design reveals that the future arrives early for sports car enthusiasts.

Several years ago now, Lexus really turned heads with the since discontinued LFA. Lexus proved it belongs in motorsports and high-performance driving with that masterpiece. Could the BEV Sport Concept be paving the way for a similar rise to the top in the world of electric vehicles? It is quite possible.

Lexus BEV Sport Concept

Lexus Electrified is looking bright. The BEV Sport Concept could be capable of a low two-second zero to 60 miles per hour time. Lexus is even projecting a potential range of about 430 miles for the BEV Sport. 

The seductive curves of the body are appealing from every angle. Lexus designed the BEV to be bold while featuring a very low ride height which is ideal for sporty driving. This design is already one of the best concept cars of all time when it comes to aesthetics. 

For anybody looking for a luxury or executive class sports car experience, the Lexus BEV Sport Concept definitely delivers it in spades. Unfortunately, unless Lexus decides to put this concept car into production, the photos of the BEV Sport feel like a bit of a tease.

Since it is a concept car, there is not a lot of information available regarding the mechanicals or other specifications of the BEV Sport. It definitely promises to be a high-performance electric sports car, so many enthusiasts are eager for more details.

This two-door, two-seater just looks fast. It is going to capture the hearts of sports car fans everywhere. One detail Lexus has made public is their decision to use a solid-state battery instead of a lithium-ion battery. Solid state batteries could prove to be a lighter alternative to lithium-ion designs.

Hopefully the Lexus BEV Sport Concept does make it to production. Or an EV sports car from Lexus very similar to the BEV Sport would be just as nice. Until then, feel free to drool over the BEV Sport Concept photos while you save your money.

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